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Hand Dryers for Commercial or Public Restrooms

Automatic hand dryers are an efficient option to towels, paper and other dry "wipes". For the most efficient warm air hand dryer, consider Mediflow from Saniflow Systems.  We have the brand names you can trust - Saniflow, American Dryer, World Dryer, and Bradley.

Automatic Hand Dryers
commercial automatic hand dryers

We have a wide selection of automatic or touchfree hand dryers.  ABS plastic, stainless steel, cast iron epoxy coverings, vandal resistant and more.

Push Button Hand Dryers
push button hand dryers for commercial bathrooms

A standard, conventional hand dryer.  Durability with good pricing.  A great option for any public or commercial restroom.

Recessed Hand Dryers
recessed commercial hand dryers

Recessed in to the wall, these type of hand dryers make more space, keeping the wash area free of clutter and adding more room for your customers.

Surface Mounted Hand Dryers
surface mounted public restroom hand dryers

A standard surface mounted hand dryer - comes in automatic or push button, many colors and styles to choose from.





Economical Hand Dryers
economical commercial bathroom hand dryers
This Junior Series incorporates an anti-vandalism design including an ABS cover and a 34 second timer.  White ABS (plastic) construction proves to be durable and easy to clean.  UL approved.

Heavy Duty Hand Dryers
vandal resistant heavy duty hand dryers
Saniflow® Series anti-vandalism design that includes a ¼“ (6mm) cast iron cover and a 34 second timer.  White porcelain enameled coating cleans easy and is durable.  Architectural features include a 360° rotating nozzle.

Bradley Hand Dryers (towels)
bradley paper towel dispenser (hand dryer)
Towels are dispensed automatically when hands are placed below the dispenser. Standard sheet length is nominal 12". It operates with 4 “D” size alkaline batteries.

High Performance
commercial high performance hand dryers
The eXtremeAir® hand dryer is 3X faster than normal hand dryers - dries hands completely in 10-15 seconds. Uses a  powerful blast of warm air that quickly breaks up the layer of surface water on your hands for evaporation.





Cold Plasma Sanitizing Hand Dryers

Extreme Air CPC by American Dryer uses Cold Plasma technology which sanitize and dry hands with warm air while Purifying the surrounding air. The only hand dryer that kills small viruses and microbes, including bacteria.





What You Need to Know About Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are electric devices installed in public restrooms, washrooms or any environment where hands need to be dried. Electric hand dryers are growing in popularity throughout all industries because of their simple , convenience and economic advantages. Installing an electric hand drying unit in your establishment can cut hand drying expenses up to 95%.

No longer will you need to buy paper towels. Hand dryers require much less maintenance compared to paper towels, which must be constantly refilled. An additional expense is the removal of paper waste, which requires your time and effort. Another wonderful advantage is the reduction in litter and waste in comparison to paper towels, this alone makes hand dryers much better for the environment. These factors automatically make buying a hand dryer for your establishment the obvious choice.

Before choosing your hand dryer it is important to take a look at the different types that are offered on the market today. Here are the some of the types of hand dryers that we showcase at gohanddryers.com:

• Automatic Hand Dryers
• Push Button Hand Dryers
• Recessed, Semi-Recessed and Surface Mounted Hand Dryers
• Economical Hand Dryers
• High-Performance Hand Dryers
• Heavy-Duty Hand Dryers

Automatic Hand Dryers

The inception of the automatic hand dryer has completely changed the washroom accessories market. Unlike previous hand dryers that required the push of a button, automatic hand dryers no longer need the user to touch the dryer to activate it. This has led to a dramatic reduction in the spread of germs and bacteria in public washrooms and bathrooms.

Automatic hand dryers are activated by an infrared sensor inside the unit. The infrared sensor has what is called a sensing zone once the users hand crosses that zone the hand drying cycle is then activated. Most if not automatic hand dryers have a predetermined hand drying cycle that last a specific amount of seconds. Some units allow the owner to set the allotted time that the drying cycle will last.

Push Button Hand Dryers

Push button hand dryers have been considered the standard since their creation. The simplistic design and durability of this type of hand dryer combined with affordability are some other reasons they have remained so popular for so many decades.

As mentioned before the sure economical value of not having to buy and replace paper towel rolls has led to many establishments deciding to use hand dryers as an alternative. Currently pushbutton hand dryers are more affordable than automatic hand dryers which leads many businesses still stick with this tried and true hand drying method.

Recessed, Semi-Recessed and Surface Mounted Hand Dryers

No matter what type of make or model hand dryer that you choose, they all fall under the categories of recessed, semi-recessed or surface mounted. There are advantages and disadvantages to all mounting types.

Surface mounted hand dryers are basically what the name implies, they are mounted on to a surface. These types of hand dryers are ideal in situations where the walls of the building are not deep enough or they are not made of the right materials to house the unit. The disadvantage of this type is that it protrudes out further than other types taking up more space in your washroom or restroom. Depending on the size, surface mounted units often do not meet ADA requirements

Semi-recessed hand dryers are units that partially protrude from the wall. These types of units are ideal for situations where you have a wall that has some depth but not enough to house the complete hand drying unit. Depending on your region, the hand dryer in the depth of the wall these types of dryers can sometimes meet ADA requirements.

Recessed hand dryers are hand dryers that are designed to fit almost completely into the depth of a wall. In ideal world all hand dryers would be completely recessed, they're considered the preferred choice when available. The only part of the hand dryer that you see is the face of the unit which is more aesthetically appealing and considered much easier to access and maneuver. Most if not all fully recessed hand dryers meet ADA requirements and are ideal for newly constructed buildings and restaurants.

Economical Hand Dryers

Although all hand dryers or more economically efficient than paper towel dispensers, not all hand dryers are created equally.
Economically efficient hand dryers can be great for both the environment and your checkbook. Also known as high efficiency hand dryers, these units often reduce hand drying costs by up to 95% compared to paper towel dispensers. These advantages alone make energy efficient hand dryers the obvious choice for many businesses and individuals.

With drying times of only a few seconds, the next generation green hand dryers are very often three times faster than your standard conventional hand dryers, and consistently use a lot less electricity.

By choosing eco-friendly hand dryer you can also improve your eligibility for LEED credits, while at the same time achieving huge cost savings and greatly reducing energy consumption. Energy efficient hand dryers operate with superior performance and much lower maintenance cost. They consume less resource usage than traditional hand drying solutions, which make them an excellent choice for any environment that needs a hand dryer.

High-Performance Hand Dryers

High performance hand dryers are rapidly becoming a popular choice in many public restrooms. They are also commonly referred to as high-speed hand dryers. High-performance hand dryers offer many great advantages which make them an excellent choice for almost any situation. The first obvious advantage to the performance hand dryer is that they dry hands fast. Many of today's most popular high-speed hand dryers can get hands completely dry and just a matter of 10 to 15 seconds.

Another extremely popular advantage of drying your hands with high-speed is the experience. Research shows that users thoroughly enjoy the thrill and the sensation that they get from the high-speed air rapidly drying and warming their hands.

The third advantage to the high-speed hand dryer and possibly the most important is that they are an excellent economical choice. All hand dryers are great for the environment and your checkbook compared to the use of paper towels, but performance hand dryers are much better. Not only are high-speed dryers used for a shorter period of time, but very often, they have a much lower wattage rate. Hand dryers that use less power save both the owner money and help the environment.

Heavy-Duty Hand Dryers

Heavy-duty hand dryers are literally designed to withstand almost any environment or situation. Heavy-duty hand dryers are almost always constructed of cast iron or stainless steel and can often be up to a quarter inch thick. Depending on the type of hand dryer that you choose they can come in a variety of finishes and often include heavy-duty epoxy porcelain enamel.

They are ideal in high-traffic environments and areas where vandalism is prevalent. Found in a large variety, they can come in surface mounted, recessed or semi-recessed mounting options. Heavy-duty hand dryers can also be purchased in the automatically activated type of the manual push button function.

Cold Plasma Clean Technology - Sanitizing Hand Dryers

American Dryer has come out with a patent-pending new hand dryer that uses Cold Plasma Clean Technology. These had dryers not only dry hands with warm air, they sanitize your hands and purify the surrounding air. This hand dryer kills germs (including E. Coli, Staph, MRSA and TB) naturally without any chemicals. These are a perfect choice to control illness and germs in hospitals, public restrooms, hotels, cruise ships, hospitality suites and anywhere you want a clean restroom environment.  This American Dryer ExtremeAir CPC hand dryer comes with a variety of standard features such as, universal voltage, Adjustable sound and speed all the while being the most compact high performance hand dryer on the market. It is 43% smaller than old "industry standard" high speed dryers and uses less electricity.

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